We’re a Different Kind of Wholesaler

I’ve never believed in running our business the same way that other operators do – we’re just different. We think differently about the value of retaining existing customers, the role of technology in the business, and how much value we provide.

What’s our value proposition? It’s a question that companies need to be able to answer, and it’s especially one that isn’t often considered in the real estate field we operate in. “Better Deals!” “Faster Sales!” “Cheaper Houses!” are the easy examples most of our competitors use that are also nearly impossible to quantify. Our competitors who are wholesalers aren’t offering much help reselling a flip except by posting some cellphone pics on the MLS. Retail agents (those who don’t act as a principal in a transaction) don’t have the technology in place that we do to track hundreds of houses or the investment knowledge needed to be a trusted adviser.

Today, we’re excited to announce that all of us at Craftsman Properties have transferred our real estate licenses to Keller Williams Seven Hills. There’s a few changes that this allows us to implement – most importantly we can now run an effective full service real estate team. Keller Williams has over 160,000 agents worldwide and leverages technology and training in ways that only a company that large can do. We’re confident that this change will get houses sold more quickly for our customers and will result in higher sale prices to boot. We’re making big investments in marketing for listings that we take on, AND we’re partnering with several of the other highest performing teams in Cincinnati. Don’t be surprised when a bunch of “sold before sent” listings get posted by out customers on the MLS.


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