How Craftsman Properties Works for Investors

A simple, transparent investing process.

6 Easy steps to earn up to 15% with Craftsman Properties

1. Low Commitment

We have lenders who have committed as little as $25,000 to our program, but we prefer $75,000 minimum so that you can be the sole investor in our average note size.

2. View and Choose Projects

We do preliminary due diligence on every project, including a Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) and repair budget. Find one that suits you and we’ll begin the appraisal process and other due diligence.

3. Invest

You can choose to remain anonymous to the rehabber or you can choose to meet them prior to closing the loan. Either way, the closing process is smooth and only requires a few signatures from you.

4. Transfer Funds

On the day of closing, you’ll wire your loan amount to the title company, who will hold any rehab funds included in the loan. Craftsman Properties has never, and will never, have access to any repair escrow funds or loan funds.

5. Earn up to 15% and Receive Monthly Distributions

6. Upon Project Completion, the Borrower Repays the Loan. Reinvest at your discretion!

The Borrower completes the projects and repays the loan when they sell the property or refinance your loan. We do our best to have other investable projects that are ready for immediate funding. After all, earning 15% annually isn’t so awesome if your money is only working for 3 months a year!